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Located in southeastern France where the mighty Rhône meets the Mediterranean forming a delta, there beats the heart of Provence. In this region between sea and mountains, the climate and the modes of transportation favor a sojourn in all seasons. The natural and cultural patrimony as well as the festivals attract visitors from all over the world where the rich Provencal soil fosters world-renowned products satisfying every taste.

This unique region is distinguished for its remarkable diversity. The countrysides, the cities, the villages and the people comprise a mosaic of richness that is unequalled. All types of voyages are possible. Both the natural and cultural attractions will satisfy the most curious and the most seasoned traveler.

From land to sea, from the traditional to the innovative, its great past and its strong future make Provence a unique contrast for those who wish a multitude of experiences on their vacation.


Learning more about Provence in 8 topics


Whether you are a season golfer or an occasional putter, the region has terrain specifically designed for your needs and enjoyment under our sunny Mediterranean skies.





It's your choice to discover Provence's fabled countryside by a multitude of means: simply by walking, hiking, cycling or on horseback, but where to start ?



Water Sports


Swimming-pools, rivers & the Mediterranean beaches await your wading, bathing, boating, water-skiing or diving.



Children's corner


There is such a rich choice of attractions, sports, new experiences and cultural events geared to children of all ages and interests but not forbidden to the adult visitor...



Culture & Patrimony


Provence is blessed with the rich vestiges of two and a half millennium. Whether your taste turn towards the Greco-Roman, medieval or renaissance, folkloric or contemporary, you will discover something to please your eyes. Needless to say Provence does not ignore the other four senses, overhear two old villagers conversing in the Provencal language, dining on our culinary specialties... a pleasure for your taste and your smell. A field of lavender in July or all year around in sachets at the open air market but be prepared for a riot of all your senses at this local gathering of regional products and people.


Due to its long and varied history as well as the physical reminders bearing witness to its past we have attempted to divide some of the major but certainly not all of the monuments and categories into 5 sections either by historical period and/or subject matter.



Folkloric Events & Festivals


Provence recaptures its rich traditions throughout the seasons in gatherings and spectacles reliving its past. Attend one of the many art, music, theatrical, dance or folkloric festivals throughout the area during the summer season.



Outdoor Markets


Every village and town has its open air market as well as area supermarkets and small specialty shops. However, the local market is a world onto itself. Not only are people provisioning for their table but exchanging a joke, a rumor, a chance meeting with an old friend or another way to prepare a traditional dish with their local meat vendor. A moment sometimes extended onto the terrace of the local café for a drink before returning home.



Regional Products & Gastronomy






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